Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day 1 - Working through the logistics


     Well of course I waited until the last minute to join this challenge and I am totally hoping it works.
     Today has started out wonderful my children and husband showered me with love and thus began my birthday day and month. Ha, I love to tease my husband that it is a birthday month not one single day.
     Turning 41 isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I really am blessed and I thank God for each and everyday. Over all my children keep me on my toes. Without them life would be boring and perhaps a little lonely. It's the mornings like today when I have a beautiful five year old waiting by my door to say "close your eyes and count to three and open!" Here is your birthday present and he is able to explain to me why each little gift was especially picked for me. My favorite part - he always makes sure to include a few of his favorite items because he knows mom will share! Life is good, I am blessed with wonderful family and friends. What else could I ask for!


  1. Happy Birthday, Friend! Love you much!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Friend! Love you much!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! What a sweet way to start the month. My birthday falls in the middle of a month, so I tend to celebrate early, on time, and late as well!