Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 11- Physical Properties

Left a to do list on my desk, just hope I make it in on time to complete it.
I love my job - well most parts. My favorite is mentoring teachers, sharing curriculum and lesson planning. I love unpacking the TEKs and starting with the end in mind. To me the highlight of my day is when someone walks away confident in what and how they need to be teaching.
But, today was a challenge I had to do some research and relearning of physical science. Wow! is all I can say.
The vocabulary alone is enough to make a grown woman want to cry! But after studying and comparing LA to Science TEKs I realized it would all work out. I have a plan integrating reading and writing has always been my favorite. But it took about 2 hours becoming familiar with the topic and now I can help her plan it out. That will be about another two hours sometime between now and Friday. The joy of teaching, you are truly a life-long learner! That is why I continue to do what I do!

Here's a little taste...
What 3 things can you observe. ( Using vocabulary words that have to do with Physical Science)
Now define those three words and give an example of each word from your observations.
Now make a connection between them.

Its hard to observe use the appropriate vocabulary and then write about it. At least for a reading specialist!

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  1. The life of an educator is never dull! Just think, you know more today than you did yesterday and that's pretty cool!