Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow day... slow day - Day 5

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Today was a restful day. Played with the kids, reviewed some data and walked on the treadmill. In my book productive. I picked up a new book, Fish in a Tree, I am excited to read it, Tomorrow is Friday and we will once again assess. We are giving the Science Release test. I have taken that test myself, it is definitely rigorous. I missed 4!
I will pray for a peaceful  and safe environment where our students will believe that this is only to see what they know and where we still need to adjust our teaching to meet their needs.
Here's to a wonderful Friday and beginning of the weekend. Looking forward to hanging with some good friends.


  1. Only 4?!? I would bomb it. I'm glad you had a restful day!

  2. No kidding Brittany. That science test is a doozie! We talk about the importance of preparing our kids for success, but sometimes I think we are defining success wrong. Those test require intense maturity and evaluation skills, which are important cognitive processes for school and for life. However, each child develops at a different speeds and with different strengths and talents. Like Albert Einstein says, "If you tell a fish to climb a tree, he will think he is stupid his whole life." I'm so ready for this testing merry-go round to stop. Benchmarking sucks. The weekend can't get her fast enough!

  3. I despise this type of test! But, I am glad you were able to have a nice slow day before it began! Enjoy your weekend!