Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 18-Peaceful

Today has been a good day. We did a little shopping. Found some good deals and now we rest until we begin our journey home tomorrow. Last night I caught s beautiful picture of a rainbow.
It was a perfect and peaceful. As I start to begin to mentally prepare for work again I want to keep this picture in mind. How beautiful and how peaceful it seemed. Visiting with my good friend Christine reminds me of how joyous life can be when you relax and not take life so seriously. 
Met this girl nearly twenty years ago and even though we no longer can visit each other everyday, every weekend or even monthly when we do see each other it's like we were together everyday.  Love her  and feel blessed to call her and her lovely family, my family. 
God sure does put wonderful people in my life and everyone of them has their special place in my heart. I am a lucky girl! 


  1. I have a friend like that. She's part of my heart.

  2. Love the picture! We all need to stop and take time for friends and for rainbows. It makes life fun!

  3. Rainbows and good friends...can't beat that! Have a safe trip!

  4. Sounds like Christine is a soul sister! Isn't it fantastic how certain friendships transcend time and space? So glad you got to enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating vacation. I refuse to think about work for at least three more days. It dominates enough of my thought life.

  5. Wonderful post filled with love and gratitude.

  6. Sounds like your trip has been wonderful! Jealous!!