Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 23-Monday it was alright

First day back and it was alright! Met with my groups, planned with my principal and then planned with a few teachers after school. I would call it a successful day. I also managed to eat right did not cheat! Miracle for me! 
The house is coming along! The sales manager texted and sounds just as excited as we do. I know we still have a long haul but it is really exciting. 
Makes going to work a little more exciting I can see our subdivision from the fifth grade teachers room in which I mentor. 
If I start to feel down I just look out the window and I remember what I have to look forward too! 


  1. It's so exciting that you have a brand new house to look forward to! I think it would make going to work a bit easier for me too! Enjoy the process!

  2. Reentering the world of teaching after a week is not an easy task. I applaud you for finding the bright spots and focusing on the positive! How cool is it that you can see your house being built in real time!

  3. The house looks great. See you tomorrow!