Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 19 - Home sweet home

We made it home and it is nice to be home. I do wish life could be a vacation but then again I would probably weigh hundreds of pounds over what I should! 
Oh my the scale was not nice this evening. But tomorrow I will get back on track, I wouldn't have changed a thing. 
We went by the house and we actually were able to walk through it! 
We are so exited but we know it will take a while and we will have to be patient.
We had the pleasure of meeting some neighbors they came over and introduced themselves. Very sweet makes things feel even more special. Can't wait to see what comes next. I promise to keep everyone posted. 


  1. Welcome home!!! Your house is looking good!!!

  2. Oooh! Very nice! You have some exciting times ahead! Your house looks nice!

  3. Loved your play on words with your title. Double meanings make me smile. Glad you had a great vacation, and just know that everyone blew their diet during spring break. The scale is a cruel task master. See ya soon friend!