Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 24- Technology

I usually am the one that is needing assistance in this area. Recently my dad asked me for help and out of amazement I was able to help him. 
He needed to fax some documents and was going to go to a place where he could have them faxed. I couldn't figure out why he wasn't using his scanner and sending them himself. 
So he confessed he really didn't know how to do it and we'll he didn't want to bother anyone. 
5 minutes and I was able to show him how to scan from his printer and attach it to an email. It was simple and that was that. 
The next day I asked if his documents had made it? Well he sounded a little embarrassed because he said he couldn't remember exactly how I had showed him and it was different from when he worked for the city and used to fax.
I wanted to tell him he needn't be embarrassed it was easy but like many things we have to practice and after a few more times he would be a pro. 
Today I received an email - test... He wanted to try to attach a document and
Send it to me to show me he could do it. 
I emailed him back it was a success! 
He followed it up with an additional email explaining that his documents made it and that he was very thankful to me. 
It's hard for me to express my feelings about my dad, in fact I wasn't going to write about it because I feel very vulnerable right now. 
I admire my dad he was my first teacher and he was my teacher after school when I needed help. He always made sure I had all the books I needed to practice my "reading."
He always supported me and he always told me I would be successful. In fact he even had s chosen career for me I was supposed to be a lawyer! 
But that made it hard to just be. I don't think he told me enough times it would be ok to fail and that I could get back up and do it again. Not that he had a mean bone in his body. My father would give you the shirt off his back, I don't think he knew any better. 
In fact i didn't know better. It took a lot of reading and a little therapy before I realized I had to change my mindset or I would pass in the evil trait of perfection and nothing else to my children.
Today I like to think I have taught my dad a little something too! That we aren't perfect and it's ok to ask for help that's what I am here for. Giving back the love of learning and being his teacher. Life is a full circle! My heart is full. 


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your dad. I know he is so proud of you, and it sounds like you did a great job honoring his approximations. I can picture you smiling at your computer when you received his return message. Thanks for sharing this vulnerable, honest post.

  2. Life is a full true. I'm sure your dad is proud of the person you have become. It's hard to be honest and vulnerable. I'm glad you shared today!

  3. It's wonderful when we can teach our teachers (in this case our parents) something, isn't it?